About us

Hilldrop Area Community Association (HACA) aims to enhance the wellbeing of our diverse local community with a focus on employment and health. We are the community hub for St George’s Ward, Islington and are based at the Hilldrop Community Centre: a large, multi-purpose facility offering a wide programme of activities and services. We are committed to involving the community in the shaping of our programme, and proudly work in partnership with many other local groups and organisations.


HACA was formed in 1986, in the wake of rising community turmoil. The Tenants Association of the large Hilldrop Housing Estate initiated a multi-agency approach to the problem, bringing together different groups and individuals and taking over the management of Hilldrop Community Centre. The first Head of Centre was Bob Drinkwater, whose dedication and commitment saw him hold the post until March 2016 - an amazing 30 years. The strong community base on which we were founded has continued to this day, with staff and trustees all local to the area.

Hilldrop Community Cenrtre

As part of our commitment to the community and desire to lead by example, in 2006 we installed solar panels on our roof to produce greener energy. We were named Islington's Carbon Reduction Champions for 2009. Another proud achievement came in summer 2014, when we helped to transform the outdoor space beside the centre, previously unused and subject to anti-social behaviour, into a high quality multi use games area, led by community consultations.

In September 2015, Barbara Ludlow became the Head of Centre. Shortly afterwards, we became a registered charity (#1164597) and formed a board of Trustees to help shape the future of the centre. We  warmly welcome you to share your ideas and get involved too. Our current Head of Centre, Elaine Maffrett, joined us in September 2018.