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Parking Restrictions on Community Lane

We are no longer able to provide general parking outside the community centre. 


The centre has only two dedicated parking bays, which are prioritised for Hilldrop staff and can only be used with a permit issued by the centre management. There is one additional bay for exclusive use by disabled parking badge holders. 

Visitors will no longer be allowed to park directly in front of the centre, regardless of whether or not they hold a permit. Vehicles parked in the area marked 'Keep Clear' risk receiving a parking ticket.

Parking Bays 1 & 2 & Disabled Parking Bay.jpg
  • We would only be able to provide a bay & permit in special cases during office hours, and in the absence of staff users.

  • Permits from the centre can only be issued for one day during office hours. 


  • Permits must be returned to Hilldrop Community Centre after use. A cash deposit of £10 may be taken to ensure the return of a permit. 


  • Failure to return a permit may result in a £50 fine payable to the centre.  

  • To enquire about the availability of a bay & permit from the centre please email, or call 0207 607 9453 on the day of your visit.

Parking Elsewhere

The Controlled Parking Zone for Tufnell Park operates between 8.30am and 6.30pm Monday to Friday. Please note that CPZ rules do not apply to Estate Parking (such as that on Community Lane), where restrictions operate 24/7.

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