Bright Futures 

Free Early Help for children & young people aged 5 to 19 years. 

The Bright Futures Early Help Team work with 5-19 year olds and their families for up to six weeks when particular needs have been identified, or when help has been requested.

The aim is to assist families in addressing any emerging issues or concerns before they escalate and become difficult to manage. This includes linking families in with services and activities that are designed to improve outcomes for children and young people, such as children’s centres, open access youth and play services and healthcare services.

Our Play & Youth Practitioner for North Islington, Glen Billey, has a background in services for children and young people and has been providing face to face support to children, young people and their families for a number of years.

What is Early Help? 

Early Help just means identifying areas where a child or young person might benefit from some support from a specific service, resource or activity designed to improve wellbeing and have a positive outcome. It's not intended as an intensive long term intervention and the help offered could range from finding free and affordable activities or mentoring opportunities, to finding learning support and resources, or managing healthcare or other personal issues. 

Early Help can also provide assistance to parents who may be having difficulty managing child behaviour on top of other practical concerns, such as financial problems, debt, unemployment, domestic abuse or isolation. The Early Help team can link you with a variety of support services including employment & training services, finance and debt advice, and schemes offering assistance with purchasing items like school uniforms and clothes for job interviews.  

How do I use the service? 

Glen visits Hilldrop Community Centre on Wednesday afternoons (term-time) from 2pm -3.45pm to speak to families, answer questions and respond to requests for help. If you already use Play Project services please ask a member of staff if you'd like to arrange a confidential chat with him. 

To talk to a Glen or another practitioner, drop in on a Wednesday afternoon or contact the helpline on  020 7527 4343 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) or email

Download the Bright Futures service leaflet