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The Hilldrop Gardening Project

Thursday afternoons from 12 - 3pm (term-time only, not during school holidays). 

The Hilldrop Community Garden & growing areas are the combined work of dozens of local volunteers who've given their time tending & improving them over the years. It's a perennial task, but very rewarding!


We're always seeking green fingered enthusiasts to join us for our drop-in gardening session on Thursday afternoons and we run free workshops focusing on specific projects during the spring and summer months. 

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Fancy getting involved? Email or drop-in for a chat with our gardeners on a Thursday afternoon​ between 12 and 2pm (term-time only - please check dates). 

Greening the Grey on Community Lane 

Thanks to Grow Back Greener funding from the Mayor of London & Thames Water, the end of the old Community Lane car park has been transformed into a wildlife friendly green space with fruit trees, hedgerows and new raised beds for community growing!


We invite the community to get involved and join us in planning, planting and maintaining this new communal area for all to enjoy.


If you'd like to be involved drop Elaine an email and tell us a little about yourself. 

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Come and join in! 

With so many areas for development, there's always lots to do, so whether you'd like to sweep, tidy, prune, plant or build you can get involved and help make a difference to our local landscape!

Download our general flyer. All enquiries:

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