St George's Mutual Aid Group

The St George's Mutual Aid Group includes more than 200 neighbours who have volunteered their time to help with shopping, collecting medication, dog walks or friendly chats.


They can also direct you to other sources of support. Requests can be made in the following ways: ​

• by phone or text to 07568 269112 

• by email to

• by joining the WhatsApp Group using the QR code pictured. ​

Whichever method you use, you'll be asked your first name (if you feel comfortable doing this) and the street where you live. If you briefly explain what you need, one of the Mutual Aid coordinators will then contact you privately and put you in touch with an available volunteer.


St George's Mutual Aid have taken steps to ensure everyone’s safety and will liaise between you and the volunteer to make sure the request is fulfilled and you are both happy with the outcome.


Read more about their work at: